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2precious 18/4/13

Imagine you are at sea. You build the boat with your own hands, and set it to sail, with aims of lands far beyond. You are not sure what is on those lands, but you know why you sail, and that you will do everything you can to reach your destination.

As you voyage continues, the skies darken, and the sea grows rougher. Up and down you go, but you know you must keep going forwards, pushing onwards. But the sea grows rougher still. Your boat is being thrown about, and soon you are taking on water. In the darkness you can not see land, but you are sure its ahead, you just have to keep going.

Things are tough. The boat is struggling. You have to make it. Then very near to you, from the darkness emerges a glow of light, and a great big ship emerges beside you, with gold embroidered sails (!) They are heading in the way you are, and without saying a word the crew jump aboard and assist you bail water, needing no encouragement, other than the fact you are heading in the same direction, even if you don’t quite know where.

When looking at the collectiveI am within, we like to see what woolgather does as a catalyst. If that is the case, Precious truly are the igniting spark.
Word Up, Precious. We anticipate your movements.

-John Slemensek of the Woolgather team, 2013.

Exhibiting artists: Alexander Gilmour, Francesca Pecqueur, James Nicholl, Rufus Newell, Lilli Ronkainen, Freya Kruczenyk, Rosie Vohra, Rhiannon Hunnisett, Alexander Millhouse-Smith, Emily Calland, Samuel Ashcroft, Kate De Lord, Christopher Holdsworth.