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Emblemen presents "Precious" 29/03/2012

Hyde Park Basement, Leeds, LS6.

This exhibition has been constructed as a robust response to the excessively delicate and refined atmosphere of the art school. Twelve students studying art and design in Leeds have occupied an empty basement in Hyde Park and as precious fools would, have turned a non-space into a raw environment for a range of art practices. Projection, painting, performance and sculpture will for one night only re-enliven this once dead and landlord forgotten space.

In the spirit of a long history of Leeds's DIY intiatives, "Precious" comes to you not as a refined aesthetic experience but as a rough re-shaping of reality. The only thing this group holds precious is a moral quality, the impetus for change and a belief in freedom - Freedom from the white cube, freedom from aesthetic decision and freedom from the elitist refinement of their precious art education.

Paul Mason wrote in response to the success of the "occupy" movement the text: Twenty reasons why its kicking off everywhere - at number 1 was "At the heart of it all is a new sociological type: the gradate with no future." 1 Having no future is like inhabiting a non-space, things are up for grabs. So step downstairs into the basement and get yourself a grab-bag of highly esteemed emergency supplies specially constructed for the precious middle class palette.

1 Luhghi, A & Wheeler, S (Eds) (2012) Occupy Everything New York: Minor Compositions

-Garry Barker, March 2012

Exhibiting artists: Alexander Gilmour, Francesca Pecqueur, James Nicholl, Rufus Newell, Lilli Ronkainen, Freya Kruczenyk, Rosie Vohra, Rhiannon Hunnisett, Alexander Millhouse-Smith, Emily Calland, Samuel Ashcroft, Kate De Lord, Christopher Holdsworth.