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Not too precious 22/05/14

Duncan street, Leeds, LS1

Cast to the four winds, various members of our collegiate tribe dispersed. They reached far, from the homely climbs of China, to the exotic lands of Telford.

This year marks the expansion of Precious. As we have replenished our army with courageous new members who have been dipped in pink, ready to beat the drum at the forefront of artistic endeavour.

These luminaries include painters, drawers, photographers, performers, sculptors and artists of the digital realm. As we stand on the precipice of this precarious venture, we invite you to join us, and once again, have your pickle-a-tickled.

Exhibiting artists: Georgia Lucas-Going, Rhiannon Hunnisett, Rufus Newell, Alex Millhouse-Smith, Alexander Gilmour, Freya Kruczenyk, Gabrielle Lockwood-Estrin, Karl Sims, James Nicholl, Harry Griffiths, Rosie Vohra.