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One Fine day in the Middle of the Night 28/08/15

The Undaring daredevil

An installation of individual works by members of Precious Art Collective, exploring the idea of contradiction and how it relates to practice, narrative space and nothing at all.

Contradictory elements in artistic practice have formed a major crux of artistic discourse in the past century. The question of painting as sculpture, the ideas of digital media creating fully realised physical form. These types of enquiries are in line with a Duchampian notion that art should be intellectually intriguing rather than pleasing to the eye. Not just pretty but cerebral.

As we go continue to go beyond our clear proscriptive definitions of what we consider art, the artworks that challenge them make them uncomfortable but equally interesting. The act of blurring these boundaries has come into focus in recent times as we rework categories of all kinds.

As we explore what we consider new contradictions, daring into what the uninitiated may consider the unknown we might find we are not that daring after all.

Alexander Gilmour
Alexander Millhouse-Smith
Zoe Spowage
Rufus Newell
Rosie Vohra